Oral Cancer Can Happen To Anyone, Does Your Dental Office Screen for Oral Cancer?

Tenino Family Dental makes oral cancer screening it a routine part of your dental exams. Screening is the number one best way to catch oral cancer at an early stage. Could you be at risk? Most of us are aware that tobacco and alcohol use are not the only causes or risks for developing oral cancer.  Studies show oral cancer is on the rise regardless of tobacco/alcohol use and it isn’t discriminating against anyone’s age, gender, or health.  In fact we are finding that the [...]

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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Your child’s baby teeth are at risk for decay as soon as they first appear. Tooth decay in infants and toddlers is often referred to as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay or Early Childhood Caries. It most often occurs in the upper front teeth. The good news is that decay is preventable. Baby teeth serve many important functions. Children need strong, healthy teeth to chew their food, speak and have a good-looking smile. But one of the most important jobs for baby teeth is to save [...]

Dry Mouth Syndrome: Affects it Can Have on Your Oral Health

Dry Mouth Syndrome: Affects it Can Have on Your Oral Health Saliva Helps Keep Your Mouth Healthy Our salivary glands are extremely important because they produce the saliva that helps keep our mouth comfortable and healthy. Over 10% of us suffer from dry mouth. It often affects the elderly and tends to occur more often in women than men. Saliva helps keep our mouth moist and starts the process of breaking down the food we eat. Saliva neutralizes acids in our mouth and works to [...]

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Is Your Dental Office a ‘Friends and Family Friendly’ Office?

Professionally fun and caring staff with a highly positive experience and quality dental care is available for your family in Tenino. Our friendly doctors and staff will provide you and your family with the professional care and the personal attention you deserve.  The same personal interest and concern we would insist for ourselves, family and friends is the same gentle touch and care we provide to all our patients.  The staff as a whole prides themselves on the quality of care we provide while still [...]

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